Casino Games Hire

The Real Deal Fun Casino offers classic casino games for hire. Our signature coloured LED lighting is standard on all casino hire tables. It's not everyday you have a casino party, so we want you to have The Real Deal!!!


The classic French game is the signature of casinos worldwide.
Roulette is an easy game to understand, and is a firm favourite with non-casino goers and experienced casino players alike. Our full sized roulette wheels and tables are in a class unto themselves. The tables have comfortable standing room for 8-10 players, to really get a buzz going.

  • Full-size illuminated Roulette table
  • Classic 82cm Roulette wheel
  • 1 Professional Dealer


This game is a timeless classic originally devised from 21. The goal for the player is to have a greater numerical value of cards than the dealer, should the value exceed 21 then the player busts.
Blackjack is a great game that pits the players against the dealer. But beware, one false move by a player and the dealer is almost guaranteed to win.

  • Full-size illuminated Blackjack table
  • Casino-standard equipment
  • 1 Professional Dealer
Blackjack Table Hire

Craps (Dice)

A funny name for unbelievably fun game!!!
This game is the pinnacle of activity and involvement in casinos. The players shoot the dice and as the excitement builds with every roll, the noise this game generates is incredible.
We built a staggering 4.3 metres long Craps table to give your guests The Real Deal at your casino party.

Our team of dealers will educate you and your guests to the myriad of betting options in this fast paced game. We love this game, and we know you will stay and play to test your luck on the roll of the dice.

  • 4.3 metre illuminated Craps table
  • 16 Players
  • 3 Professional Dealers
Craps (Dice) will turn your Casino Party into an Event!

Deluxe Mini Craps

Money Wheel Hire

If you don’t have the space for it’s big brother or your numbers of guests are not on a large scale or simply want to have a taste first, we have designed the small deluxe version of this extremely popular Vegas game. Just like it’s big brother it’s made of handcrafted polished wood, with casino grade layout material and (of course) our signature LED lighting. This mini version of the craps table is serviced by a single professional craps dealer, who looks after all aspects of the game, including the place bets, the centre action and the handling of the dice. We can still accommodate 10 players around the
table and to teach them the mechanics of the game and create the thrilling
environment of the dice game on this smaller version.

  • LED illuminated Craps table
  • Casino grade dice to give you the real deal feeling when rolling
  • Up to 10 Players at the same time
  • 1 Professional Dealer

Texas Hold'em Poker

Will you be able to bluff your opponent face-to-face at the Texas Hold’em Poker table? A game of skill and composure, poker creates a competitive atmosphere for players as they compete against each other to win the “the pot” or a prize. A firm favourite for for novice and professionals at any casino party or poker tournament.

  • Full-size illuminated Poker table
  • Casino-standard equipment
  • 1 Professional Dealer
Poker Table Hire

Money Wheel

Money Wheel Hire

Money wheel is one of the easiest casino games to understand and play. The game originates from roman times and is the only “Carnival’ games still played in casinos worldwide.
It’s also known universally as the “Chocolate Wheel” in casinos around the world, it is a game of chance based on a wheel marked with numbers and players bet on the corresponding numbers on the table. The dealer spins the wheel and matching bets on the table are paid those odds. It’s as simple as that!
Bring the drama and excitement of our casino money wheel when you hire us for your fun casino themed party.

  • Full Size Money Wheel Table
  • Casino Style Money Wheel
  • Up to 7 Players at the Same Time
  • 1 Professional Dealer

3 Card Poker

A great alternative to Texas Hold'em Poker, and concise way to learn poker hands. Fast and friendly, 3 Card Poker is a brilliant game to learn the mechanics of poker before moving onto 'pot' poker.

  • Full-size illuminated 3 Card Poker table
  • Casino-standard equipment
  • 1 Professional Dealer

Poker Party


Poker Party

The popular casino game made famous by James Bond. 9 is the magic number in this game… Perhaps the most glamorous of all casino games, in Baccarat the player gets to handle and squeeze the cards which contributes to the drama of this exciting game. It is a game of pure luck (or is it?)! Baccarat players believe they can predict the winner: Player or Banker. It is played for very high stakes, and the energy and noise generated in Baccarat is unsurpassed in casinos around the world. So, bring 007’s favourite game to your special fun casino night and let the fun begin!