Casino Money Wheel Hire

The Real Deal Fun Casino offers classic casino games for hire. Our signature coloured LED lighting is standard on all casino hire tables. It’s not everyday you have a casino party, so we want you to have The Real Deal!!!

Casino Money Wheel

Money Wheel Hire

Money wheel is one of the easiest casino games to understand and play. The game originates from roman times and is the only “Carnival’ games still played in casinos worldwide. 
It’s also known universally as the “Chocolate Wheel” in casinos around the world, it is a game of chance based on a wheel marked with numbers and players bet on the corresponding numbers on the table. The dealer spins the wheel and matching bets on the table are paid those odds. It’s as simple as that!
Bring the drama and excitement of our casino money wheel when you hire us for your fun casino themed party.

  • Full Size Money Wheel Table
  • Casino Style Money Wheel
  • Up to 7 Players at the Same Time
  • 1 Professional Dealer

Theme Your Events in Grandeur

Exclusive casino party hire theming options:
Enhance your casino themed party setting with our original range of Paparazzi style Media Walls, designed to light up your photos. Each of the casino theme Media Walls include their own unique Welcome Table to signify your event.

The Red Carpet Experience – lush red carpet lined by gold bollards with matching red ropes create the VIP entry into your casino event. Add the Welcome Table to the entrance and make your event stand out from all other events.

Las Vegas

Full-scale Paparazzi Media Walls     3.75 metres wide       2.3 metres high

From iconic scenery to the flashing lights, Las Vegas can be present at your event.

The Real Deal Fun Casino will elevate your guest's Vegas experience and give them the skills to take on the ‘gaming Mecca’. The Welcome to Vegas table marks your entrance as a fun-filled casino event.

Casino Royale

Full-scale Paparazzi Media Walls     3.75 metres wide       2.3 metres high

Bring an air of elegance and a touch of class to your next Casino Royale event.

This bold Feature Wall proudly displays the Gold Class event. The 007 Welcome Table points the way to the casino party for the action to begin.

Roaring 20s – Great Gatsby

Full-scale Paparazzi Media Walls     3.75 metres wide       2.3 metres high

This party theme never gets old! Fantastic for dress-up events.

The Feature Wall is a sign of the times and very popular as a Great Gatsby theme party display. The Bootleg Barrel quietly cautions of the decadence ahead.
The prohibition period was all about adult excess, so don't hold back if your putting on this themed event.

Presenting: Elvis

Full-scale Paparazzi Media Walls     3.75 metres wide       2.3 metres high

Add a twist to your Las Vegas Casino theme with the most impersonated persona in the world... ELVIS! The classic 'One Armed Bandit' Welcome Table will greet your guests before they see The King inside the casino.

White Christmas

Full-scale Paparazzi Media Walls     3.75 metres wide       2.3 metres high

The festive season is enhanced with our beautiful European Christmas Feature Wall. The cosy fireplace is an inviting entrance for all to enjoy the night ahead.