Craps table for hire

Cinco Dos, Adios!

“Five and Two…
you’re all through!”

We have had a run on our biggest game of 2014, Craps! So we put together a 3, 2, 1 of various aspects of the game.


The 3 moves when shooting the dice :

shooting the dice

#1 Set the Dice
– the dice should show the number you are shooting for. If it doesn’t, set the dice to that number (setting dice can only be done on the layout).

#2 Blow on the dice
– this is the only ‘good luck’ move authorised when holding the dice.

#3 Shoot the dice
– hard enough to hit the back wall.

dice shooting

The 2 don’ts when playing dice :

#1 Don’t play the DON’Ts
– a quick way to not make friends on the Craps table.

playing dice

#2 Don’t say ‘Seven’ when the game is under way
– another way not to make friends.

What does come mean?

The number ONE question asked by ladies at the Craps table :

“What does COME mean?”

playing with dice

… and it’s not what you think it is.

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